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Evergreen Paralegal Services, Inc in Kent, WA has been open and serving the local community with the very best legal services for 25 years and counting.  We are proud of the family law services we provide including our ability to handle divorce law and family cases in the most professional manner.  We always deliver the legal services you need as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

Domestic violence and child support issues can be overbearing and negatively affect you and your children.  However, with the legal support you need to combat these issues, life can be a lot easier.  Protect you and your family from the negative effects of a violent environment or the neglect of a parent who will not pay the support you need, by working with the professionals at our location.  In addition to our family law services including emergency child services, full custody, and supervised visitation rights, our experienced and reliable team also specializes in probate legal services. 

Our probate lawyers in Kent, WA are also the best in the region for guaranteeing your will before you are deceased.  Do not waste another day without your written will being completed. We are highly qualified and experienced in working with all types of property and asset management services and completing the legal documentation you need for your will to be approved in any court cases.  Your will is a legal document that will speak for you when you cannot, and we are the best firm in the region to guarantee this delicate and personal service matter.


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